About the wind turbines

Turbine graphic LOCATIONS
  • Main campus: Four (three 20-kilowatt, one 4-kilowatt) turbines, near the Jellyfish parking lot
  • Momentum Campus: Three (4-kilowatt) turbines near the Nile Drive/Ennis Joslin Road intersection
  • Coastal Bend Business Innovation Center in Flour Bluff:  Four (4-kilowatt) turbines


  • Rotates on vertical axis
  • Takes advantage of peak winds in Corpus Christi
  • Will be used for research on the technology
  • Will be used to teach students on green energy
  • 75 ft tall
  • 92 kilowatt capacity
  • Saves an estimated $18,000 to $25,000 a year in utility costs

The wind turbines are distributed by 3eWerks and manufactured by Urban Green Energy, the world’s leading manufacturer of vertical-axis wind turbines. The initiative was funded by a $955,000 Distributed Renewable Energy Technology Stimulus Grant from the State Energy Conservation Office with the University matching $265,000 in funds, for a total of $1.2 million for the project.

The 20-kilowatt wind turbines are 75 feet tall, while the 4-kilowatt turbines stand at 40 feet.